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MinXian-Machinery Diesel Spare Parts

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MinXian-Machinery Diesel Spare Parts
MinXian-Machinery Diesel Spare Parts
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Name:Mr. George Chen [Director/CEO/General Manager]
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Windows Live: minxian-machinery@hotmail.com minxian-machinery@hotmail.com
Phone Number:Phone number of Mr. George Chen at putian
Address:193# shangxiang road
putian 351100, Fujian
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Registration Date:Jul. 29, 2010
Last Updated:Oct. 13, 2011
Business Nature:Manufacturing of Transportation category

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http: / / www.minxian-machinery.com

Specialist manufacturer & supplier of diesel fuel injection parts, head rotor, nozzle, plunger, element, delivery valve, cam disk, drive shaft, supply pump and turbocharger, turbocharger repair kit etc.
Our main products range in details: Diesel Head Rotor( 3cyl, 4cyl, 5cyl, 6cyl, etc.) , Diesel Nozzle( DN, DNOPDN, S, SN, P, PN type, etc.) , VePump Parts ( Cam Disk, Control Shaft, Supply Pump, Control alve, Drive Shaft, Magnet Valve, etc.) , Diesel Plunger( A, P, PN, PS7100, P8500, MW, EP9, PD-3 type, etc.) , Delivery Valve( A, P, Same Pressure type etc.) , Pencil Nozzle/ pencil injection( 8N7005, 27333, 27336, 24496, 26964, 4W7015, 9L6969, etc.) , Turbocharger( Co mplete Appliance, Turbocharger Repair Kit, etc.) , Other Related Products for Auto& Diesel.Welcome your enquiry about our products & service.

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